DUI Defense Strategy - Alternative Sentencing

DUI Expert Lawyer Lawrence B. Wolk Can Help Establish Alternative Sentencing If You Have a DUI Conviction in South Florida

The first goal of the Law Firm of Lawrence B. Wolk & Associates is to clear you of drunk driving charges. Sometimes, however, the facts of a particular case will result in a conviction – and that can be terrifying when the sentencing possibilities for DUI convictions can include lengthy prison time that could disrupt your job, your family and your reputation. Don’t let fear paralyze you. Lawrence B. Wolk & Associates are attorneys skilled in the negotiation of alternative sentences – some of which may allow you to avoid serving any jail time at all. The most common of these alternatives is electronic monitoring, which is also referred to as house arrest. For this type of sentence, you’d remain in your own home, but be required to wear a monitoring device – most commonly an ankle bracelet – that would allow your whereabouts to be known at all times. You may be allowed to leave your home in certain situations, such as to go to work or attend school.

In other situations, you may receive a work furlough or work release sentence. With this situation, you’d be allowed to go to your job during your working hours, but report to a dormitory-type living facility when you’re not at work.

Sometimes, a prison sentence can be fulfilled through a “weekend jail”. During the week, you’d be allowed to live your life – going to work, school, appointments and family activities. On the weekends, you’d check into a city jail where you’d serve your time, returning to your usual routine at the end of the weekend.

In some instances, the court will require the convicted individual to enroll in a drug or alcohol treatment or rehabilitation center as a part of a sentence, possibility in lieu of harsher penalties. This type of sentence is aimed at preventing future DUI arrests by addressing possible underlying addictions.

Finally, sober living facilities can be a required part of a sentence, particularly for those who’ve had multiple DUI arrests. These facilities are group homes for individuals fighting addictions. Residents pledge to remain sober, are required to attend meetings and/or group therapies to assist them in maintain their sobriety and overcoming addictions that lead to DUI arrests.

Alternative sentencing is not always easy to arrange. Put an expert in your corner. Call Lawrence B. Wolk & Associates at (888) 965-5529 today.