DUI Defense Strategy

The Law Offices of Lawrence B. Wolk & Associates offers Aggressive Defense Strategies Against an arrest for D.U.I.

D.U.I. arrests are embarrassing, painful and expensive, with serious penal consequences and loss of driving privileges. The embarrassment of being pulled over by flashing blue and red lights. Being interrogated by the officer and then requesting you to submit to VOLUNTARY roadside field sobriety exercises(FSE), those given to suspected drunk drivers quickly gives way to the terrible reality of being arrested, handcuffed, and the reasonable fear for the consequences and penalties that MAY be imposed following a conviction for D.U.I. If the possibility of losing your driver license, being incarcerated again and the stigma of having a criminal record scares you and you feel there is no hope, then you need to contact the Law Offices of Lawrence B. Wolk & Associates. We understand the feelings of despair and not knowing what to do. We will answer those questions and put your mind and fears to rest.

If you have been arrested anywhere in the State of Florida for a DUI or any criminal related offense, we have lawyers that can help. We are an Aggressive Criminal Defense Law Firm.

Florida D.U.I. defense attorney Lawrence B. Wolk has more than a twenty-two (22) years of experience in successfully defending Florida D.U.I. Arrests and all other criminal cases.

The Law Offices of Lawrence B. Wolk & Associates focuses on defending those accused of driving under the influence (D.U.I.). Florida D.U.I. law is complex with severe life changing penalties that may affect your family, employment and daily activities we take for granted to maintain our livelihood.

In Florida, an arrest for D.U.I. triggers two separate and distinct cases: First, a criminal case for D.U.I. which encompasses criminal penalties, that may include incarceration, the second, relates to the Administrative suspension imposed by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle against your driver license. Whether you REFUSE to take the Breath Alcohol Test or your Breath Alcohol Content results are .08 percent or higher there are serious consequences and penalties that maybe imposed by the Department of HSMV. We have the specialized education and experience to deal with both parts of a D.U.I. arrest.

Know there is only our side to this story!!, opposing points of view are present each and every time someone is arrested and charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (D.U.I.). The Fort-Lauderdale-based attorneys at the Law Offices of Lawrence B. Wolk & Associates are experienced in digging into the details of DUI cases across South Florida and pulling out the specifics that can come to the defense of the accused.

Every D.U.I. arrest is unique. A driver's medical and health history will influence how he or she performs roadside sobriety tests. Breathalyzers may or may not perform as they should, depending on calibration and maintenance. Police officers may err in the administration of these tools, fail to inform a suspect of his or her rights or otherwise violate DUI arrest protocols.

Lawrence B. Wolk & Associates have expert resources that can contest policelaw enforcements collection and preservation of the evidence. Its D.U.I. defense team can work with prosecutors to have charges reduced or dismissed. They're accustomed to guiding clients through Florida Department of Motor Vehicle guidelines and procedures to help maintain driving rights during the proceedings. If Lawrence B. Wolk & Associates is successful in getting charges dropped or reduced, the arrested goes back to his or her previous driving status (unless you have failed to submit to a breathalyzer test at the time of your arrest, in which case your license will remain suspended for one year). When the charges proceed to the courtroom, clients can rest assured that they have a top-notch, aggressive defense in their corner – one that has been victorious in clearing names in hundreds of cases. Of course, convictions can occur. If you are convicted of D.U.I. in South Florida, Lawrence B. Wolk & Associates can negotiate sentences, terms of probation and work to reinstate revoked or suspended drivers' licenses so that as normal a lifestyle as possible is maintained.

Being arrested on D.U.I. charges is embarrassing. Facing jail time and steep financial penalties are terrifying. Don't leave your liberty up to the legal system. Get your side of the story told by a lawyer who specializes in DUI defense and knows the strengths and weaknesses of the state's prosecutorial tactics.

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