Resisting Arrest - Police Brutality

Ft Lauderdale Attorney Defending Resisting Arrest and charges Stemming from Police Brutality

Do Not Let the Police Violate Your Rights — If You are a Victim of Police Brutality, Contact the Experienced and Compassionate Attorneys at Lawrence B. Wolk & Associates

We rely on our local law enforcement to protect us and look out for our safety. Sometimes, however, authorities cross the line from protector to aggressor and violate our civil rights in the process. If this happens to you, speak to an attorney at Lawrence B. Wolk & Associates in Ft. Lauderdale.

Police are expected to follow procedures and adhere to policies. When this does not occur, you may be a victim of police misconduct. Sometimes police and other authorities are overworked or undertrained. Even so, when under arrest, you have rights according to the law.

Rights of the Arrested in Broward County and Across Florida

When placed under arrest, remember that you are guaranteed certain freedoms. Do not jeopardize any of these by resisting the arrest charges. Do not volunteer any information to the police. Do not give any statements until you have retained legal counsel. Typically, when arrested, police read you your Miranda rights. These rights read as follows:

• You have the right to remain silent.
• Anything you say may be used against you.
• You have a right to have a lawyer present while you are questioned.
• If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you.

It is important to remember that you must verbally invoke your right to remain silent. 
Types of Police Brutality or Misconduct

You may think that police misconduct is very simple — assault or illegal detention on the part of authorities. However, police misconduct encompasses much more, including:

• Violations of due process
• False arrest
• Search and seizure violation
• Negligent storage and handling of evidence
• Search without a warrant
• Racial profiling
• Excessive force
• Brutality
• Taser or stun gun abuse

News of police brutality and misconduct are all too common. With accounts of assault in the second degree to civil rights abuse to wrongful death, victims need dedicated and strong legal support.

Even when under arrest, you need someone to uphold your Constitutional rights. If you have found yourself the victim of police brutality or misconduct, contact the Law Offices of Lawrence B. Wolk & Associates in Ft. Lauderdale at (888) WOLK-LAW for a free consultation.