Traffic Violation Defense

Habitual Traffic Offenses? Out-of-State Driver Facing DUI or Other Traffic Violation Charges in Florida? Suspended License? South Florida Attorney Lawrence B. Wolk Can Help

In most instances, traffic violations are more of an inconvenience than a significant legal hotspot. Think of the typical speeding ticket or stop for an illegal turn. You pay your ticket or go to traffic school and carry on with your ordinary routine.

Sometimes, however, even these minor offenses can have a big impact, and that's when you need a local attorney who specializes in defending you against charges that can alter your driving privileges. The Fort-Lauderdale Law Offices of Lawrence B. Wolk & Associates is the South Florida lawyer who can protect your interests for traffic violations in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties.

When you are ticketed for moving violations in Florida, you are assigned a certain number of points against your driver's license, depending on the severity of the offense. When a ticket is contested and you win your case, points may be erased or reduced, keeping your total number of points lower and preserving your right to hold a Florida driver's license.

Habitual traffic offenders are those who have received multiple tickets and more than 15 convictions for moving offenses (speeding, reckless driving, improper turns, running red lights or stop signs, DUI, driving with a suspended license, etc.) in a five year period - will receive a letter from the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. This letter will notify the habitual offender that their license has been suspended as of a specific date, for up to five years. If you receive such a letter, call the Law Offices of Lawrence B. Wolk & Associates at (888) 965-5529 as soon as possible. Our attorneys have years of experience evaluating the facts of moving violations cases and may be able to preserve your right to drive.

Out-of-state drivers are a dime-a-dozen in South Florida, an area rich with seasonal residents, vacationers and business travelers. If you're an out-of-state driver who's been charged with a serious traffic offense like DUI, contacting a local attorney as soon as possible may be the best way to preserve your driving privilege here in Florida and your home state. Lawrence B. Wolk & Associates is experienced in handling the "One Driver, One License, One Record" principle that Florida and 44 other state adhere to. Basically, it allows participating states to share arrest and conviction information, and apply the Department of Motor Vehicle consequences in both Florida and your home state.

If you find yourself in that situation, contact Lawrence B. Wolk & Associates at (888) 965-5529 for a free initial consultation to discuss how your charges should be handled and how to best preserve your driver's license.

Driver's license suspension in Florida can come as a result of many different situations - some of which have nothing to do with your skill as a driver! Your driver's license can be suspended if you fail to pay child support, have too many points on your license, have judgments against you, have a DUI arrest or fail to pay traffic fines. Lawrence B. Wolk & Associates has successfully defended hundreds of drivers facing license suspension, allowing them to retain their driving privileges. In some cases, we can even have the circumstances that lead to a threatened suspension expunged from your record.

If you're facing a suspended license, don't sit back and accept that fate without a fight. Lawrence B. Wolk & Associates has successfully retained driver's licenses for hundreds of South Florida clients. Call (888) 965-5529 to discuss your situation today.